Congratulations to our Scholarship of Teaching and Learning scholars!

On Wednesday, April 5, our three 2016-17 scholars presented their Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Homegrown projects. Congratulations to Mary Churchill, Cade Mansfield and Amanda Zbacnik!

What is scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL)? As shared by David Voelker, SoTL is serious scholarship to promote the practice of teaching. In the Center for Excellence in Teaching and  Learning, we think of SoTL as the cornerstone of our professional development.  SoTL provides us with knowledge on our students, how they learn, and interventions and activities to promote deeper learning. SoTL can also assist us in developing theories to frame our teaching and learning activities.

The SoTL Homegrown Program began in 2012, and has resulted in more than 20 scholars completing projects. Each scholar develops a project specific to their discipline and background within a community of learners/colleagues. Drs. Hilary Fezzey, Associate Professor in English and Brent Opall, Assistant Professor in Business (now at UW – Eau Claire) guided the projects beginning with a workshop in May 2016. Participants designed their projects and implemented them in Fall 2017 with data analysis following.  Findings are presented in a poster session in the spring, as reflected below.

We are accepting applications for our new group of scholars until April 16, 2017.  Please contact for more information, or go to

Dr. Mary Churchill, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership

Dr. Cade Mansfield, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Dr. Amanda Zbacnik, Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership

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