Welcome – Share your strategies

There are many wonderful things happening on our campus to engage students, promote learning, and support retention and success. Please share your ideas by posting here in “leave a reply”.

For example, you might include a specific assignment, discuss how you use it, then share its impact on student learning and engagement.

Please remember to include your contact information so that colleagues can reach out to you.

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4 Responses to Welcome – Share your strategies

  1. Heather Kahler says:

    I am trying something new this year. I have made a syllabus quiz for my on-campus course that I plan to use during the first day of class. The quiz, which will be taken in pairs, has “non-obvious” answers so it requires that students talk to each other and dig through the syllabus together. I will go through the answers and other parts of the syllabus after this exercise. I also plan to have students turn in the quiz.


  2. directorcetl says:

    Thanks, Heather! This is a great strategy to help students navigate the syllabus and expectations.


  3. Lisa Mattsson says:

    Helping students grow: I’ve started to create simple self-assessments about the competencies and topics I am teaching. Students have to think about how they actually operate in the world and what their tendencies are. There is no summarized result. I have the students take the assessment in class, and then we discuss their answers. During the discussion portion, I’m starting to see “light bulb” moments happen. Students connect the dots on their own and begin to realize what their patterns are, and whether those tendencies support their desired outcomes.


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