CETL Weekly Email – Celebrating Our Students! Part II

December 20, 2017

Celebrating Our Students

Senior Year Experience is a High Impact Practice adopted by our campus.  Last week,  we highlighted SYE presentations and posters from a variety of program.  Here are more which showcase the great work all these programs and students do! Thank you to Del Wright, CETL staff for the pictures.

(left) Natural Sciences majors
The intent of the science SYE is to provide students practical experience doing the things scientists and people with science-related careers actually do.  Our students pair either a research project or an internship with a public presentation of their work, thereby practicing science in action.  Oral communication in a typical science conference format is integral to the process.  Some presentations this year involved topics such as:

  • Determining the role of specific proteins in zebrafish cancer initiation
  • How to predict the color of an optically active material
  • Development of an interpretive trail at Amnicon State Park
  • Internship in forensic pathology in Trinidad
  • Evaluation of food preferences of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

For more information, contact Nick Danz.

(right) Transportation and Logistics Management majors
All T&L majors are required to do a minimum six week long two credit internship.  Most students are engaged in a twelve week internship.   A public presentation is part of the requirement for the UW-Superior capstone course TRSP-400. The goals of the internship presentations are twofold: Showcase the individual’s internship experience; provide valuable information and insight for T&L students who will be doing an internship in the future. The student’s public presentations are designed to share the following: 1) Informs about the company or agency and its business structure, location, and culture; 2) Describes a typical internship day; 3) Describes one or more projects that were part of the internship experience; 4) Shares lessons learned from the internship experience; 5) Discusses how their UW-Superior education prepared the student for the internship. For more information, please contact Richard Stewart.

(left) Educational Leadership – undergraduate Education majors
For teacher candidates in the Educational Leadership Department, the SYE is meant not only as a means of demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of elementary and/or secondary education, but also to situate that knowledge within a personal context. Parker Palmer (1998) argues that it is at this intersection of personal and vocational life that powerful pedagogy is found.  This sort of “undivided self” (Palmer, 1998, p.15) – wherein a teacher’s life is both affected by, and reflective of, what happens in their classroom – makes for a highly coherent educational philosophy. To this end, the SYE is focused on offering a generative reflective experience that connects a student’s UWS coursework to the whole of their educational journey while also launching each candidate into their chosen vocation equipped with a stronger sense of their educator-selves. For more information, please contact Matt Ridenour.

(right) Health and Human Performance majors
The HHP Capstone experience is focused on internships, Wellness/Fitness focused Research, and Public Health programs.  Our HHP students for fall 2017 presented on:

  • internship experiences that allowed their educational journal to be applied to real life public health careers, bridging the gap between higher education and professional careers.
  • Public Health [AS-L programs], Sharing research, data collection, and employee wellness designs for presentation:  Building Employee Wellness programs for local and surrounding businesses.
  • Exercise science programs designed, directed, assessed with data collection to allow researching the outcomes of various concepts related to wellness/fitness.

All Capstones are to be related to student’s career paths and build upon their educational growth and personal creativity. For more information, please contact Kim Lebard-Rankila.

(left) Psychology majors and Intro to Psychology Profession students
The Psychology Senior Year Experience highlights students’ semester-long research project. Each project demonstrates their knowledge of the psychology curriculum and a reflection on their major, career aspirations, and liberal education. The students invited people who had supported and fostered their growth during their undergraduate career–including family, friends, and UWS employees. For the first time this year, psychology students in our professional development sequence presented a myriad of career options that are open to people with degrees in Psychology. For more information, contact Eleni Pinnow.

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