CETL Weekly Email – Celebrating Our Students

December 11, 2017

Celebrating Our Students

Senior Year Experience is a High Impact Practice adopted by our campus.  This week we highlight SYE presentations and posters, with pictures from this fall by Del Wright, CETL staff.  And, more to come as there are a lot of SYEs this week!

(left)  Business Administration majors (including Finance, International Business, Management and Marketing)
Students each chose a major company and analyzed the strategies used by their chosen firm.  This included gathering data on the company and using a variety of analytical tools covered in the business administration curriculum.  They wrote reports on their firm, covering 1) current strategies and strategy types used by the firm, 2) an analysis of the firm’s macro environment (competitors, economy, consumer preferences, technology, etc.), 3) the resources the firm possesses (financial, internal culture, market share, reputation with customers, operational capabilities, technology owned/used, etc.) and 4) recommendations for changes in strategy going forward, if needed. For more information, please contact Rick Moran.

(right) Economics majors (from Spring 2018)
Senior Year Experience requirement in the Economics major is completed as a part of ECON 470 (Applied Economic Analysis) course.  To complete the requirement, students have to conduct an original (to them) empirical research, write a paper, and give an oral public presentation of their work.  During the research phase, each student has to select an economic issue or question that is interesting to them (many students complete interdisciplinary projects, e.g., transportation and economics, finance and economics, politics and economics), conduct literature review, formulate own research hypotheses, master in model-building, collect and quantitatively (statistically) analyze empirical data, use findings to formulate inferences and conclusions on the issue, and prepare a professionally written report on their research findings. Using Shippar-Beam Economics Program Enhancement Fund, every spring semester Economics program celebrates SYE through public presentation of student research. For more information, please contact Rubana Mahjabeen.

(left) Legal Studies majors (including the Criminal Justice concentration)
Seniors within the program are required to create a poster presentation based off of a significant capstone experience that can include internships, Mock Trial or independent research projects.  They are asked to reflect on their entire undergraduate career and critically analyze and explore the interrelationships between their capstone, major/minor, and their liberal arts education. This deep dive analysis requires them to reflect on how seemingly disparate courses, subjects and/or experiences during their time at UW-S allowed for a deeper understanding and appreciation of their field and capstone. Students are asked to do a self-evaluation of their capstone experience and how it contributed to their personal growth, intellectual development and career/professional development. Students also identify a unifying theme that typifies their undergraduate experience and explore how it made a difference within their capstone and education as a whole. Students publicly present their posters each Fall and Spring semester amongst friends, family, peers, and faculty.  Seniors are evaluated each semester to assess certain program learning outcomes.  For more information, please contact Maria Cuzzo or Danielle Fagen.

(right) Social Work majors
Students present on their internship experience, including agency mission, purpose and services; showcase their skills and knowledge in working with a hypothetical client; and provide an assessment of the agency and opportunities for growth.  They reflect on the connection between their liberal arts degree and the internship for a generalist social work degree. For more information, please contact Lynn Amerman Goerdt.

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